What is a Ceremony? Well, this is the first time you get to see your guest, and your guest get to see you and your significant other walk down the aisle. Standing there, in front of your family and friends, holding hands, expressing the LOVE you have for one another.


Have you ever attended a Wedding, and just can’t hear what they are saying? Well, we’ve done a few weddings and know the feeling, and that’s where we come in to help. From playing your walk-in and exit songs for you and your bridal party; To providing wireless microphones, sound system and audio connections for your videographer, violinist, pianist, singer or any other acts you may have during this time.



Cocktail Hour is normally the time between your ceremony and reception where you run off with your photographer and videographer catching some of those glam shots after officially becoming a married


During this time, your guest are sent to a unique area to mingle amongst themselves, while having some finger food, drinks while we provide some light background music for them to enjoy as well.


The reception is the party held after the completion of a marriage, as hospitality for those who have attended your Wedding. You FINALLY get to be announced in front of all of your family and friends as a married couple.


This is where the FUN begins!


We seamlessly take all of the dreams you’ve envisioned your wedding to be, and make it become a reality. Playing the songs for your grand entrance and first dances, making all of the announcements, making sure everything is running on-time, and most importantly, getting the PARTY STARTED!

From the Music and Lighting to Special FXs, we can provide it all.
Let us make this the night to remember for years to come.

Let’s make this day unforgettable!